Пак пак пак :)

Аз пак препатках и си направих няколко теста за лека нощ. Инджой дем енд гууд найт :)


Comfort eater

You tend to reach for sugary foods and refined carbohydrates to keep you going, but the problem with this is that the choices you make means you burn out too quickly, hastening the need for another energy boost not long after.You comfort eat, often on stodgy foods, and are on a treadmill of unhealthy eating which is affecting your hormones, leading to blood sugar dips and possibly to monthly mood swings. A lot of your sugar is hidden in drinks (even if they are sugar-free they have a sugary effect), and in packaged foods.

Superfood options: You need to make better choices of complex carbohydrates for sustained energy, such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, oatcakes, porridge and rye crackers. Include a small amount of lean protein with each meal, such as fish, chicken, yoghurt, beans or lentils and plan ahead to ensure your meals are well balanced.

Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables for fibre and antioxidants: they make great healthy snacks and can be combined with healthy dips such as hummus or salsa. At least one third of every meal needs to consist of vegetables or salad. Make sure you anticipate situations by always carrying healthy snacks, such as unsalted nuts or seeds, with you so you don�t eat in a disorganised way, and keep packets of high quality prepared vegetable soup in the fridge at home for a quick snack. ________________________

Revamp your routine Your intentions are great, but you’re doing your skin no favours when you go halfway – or overboard.

When it comes to treating blemishes, skip the rough stuff; scrubbing inflamed skin can only make matters worse. To keep your skin hydrated and looking good, up your water intake by sipping between meals as well. Aim for the tried-and-tested eight glasses a day. Finally, try paring down your beauty arsenal: a glut of products causes more skin problems than they solve. One thing you shouldn’t skip, though, is moisturiser – it can help save your raw hide. See which moisturisers iVillagers swear by.


You are Rocker Barbie!


You are very creative and all about expressing yourself. You’ll go far as an artist.

Светлина –

[noun]:A real life terminator



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