Убиец на мозъци

Напоследък се чувствам глупава, та затова да си припомня доброто старо време, порових из компито. Намерих си едно есе, писано от името на най-добрия ми приятел за домашно по английски. Май става за причина да се хваля, щото съм го писала в 11 клас и то по дадени думи и някакви тъпи ограничения (помня колко трудно го скъсихме после):



It is really easy for a guy to know everybody else in my native town. That is why we all have the problem to wonder who our real friends are and with whom we wish to spend our free time.

Once someone have found their true friends they can easily pick up the right answer because according to them hanging up with non-close friends is meaningless and a waste of time. Since the art of finding the right person is a hard thing to do the number of those best friends can not be that big. But even one is able to make you feel happy and secure.

The biggest difference between people nowadays and especially between teenagers is based on whether they respect themselves enough to devote their leisure time to the ones who deserve it. On the other hand you can never be sure if you have found your biggest friend ever. This happens when you reach the inevitable conclusion that you do not wish to waste your time with someone else just because … you do not need them any more. It feels right to prefer hanging up with a couple of close friends rather than a bunch of many acquaintances.

Maybe the reason is hidden in the unknown depths of the SUBLIMINAL. Maybe we are afraid of the loneliness and not being understood. So we look for the perfect friend – reliable, caring and so on and when we finally find him/her we do not want to let (him/her) go.

Another reason can be the simple fact that knowing loads of people can be tiring. Furthermore only few are capable of learning over hundred names. This way of living is childish and naive and shows that you do not expect or do not know what to expect of real LIFE.

The truth is that we need the care, security and warmth of our closest friends. It is nice to have a soul twin or two. Otherwise no one will be there for you when you are in trouble but you will be “proud” to have the biggest collection of not well-known acquaintances who would not give you a hand.

In conclusion I can say that if you have a couple of really special friends, you do not even think of meeting other people. If you are not that lucky – I feel sorry for you. Reasonably…


2 Коментари on “Убиец на мозъци”

  1. Мицева каза:

    Браво на детето!

  2. Svetlina каза:

    Е, хвана ме – навремето и аз съм била дете :-Р

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