A table to share, a celebration to share

Hi dear Claudio,

Tonight I wasn`t able to tell you a proper goodbye and to wish you the best of everything in the coming year, so I will compensate. I will invite you to my table :)
Let me tell you about how Bulgarians celebrate Christmas Eve. Whole day women are preparing food but without meat. Every woman in the family would cook a dish. For example my „maminka“ which is my mother`s mother makes a „tikvenik“ and a damper. In fact she makes two tikvenik-s – one for me and one for the others :) This is a kind of „banitsa“ but filled with pumpkin, nuts, cinnamon. „Banitsa“ is well… there are so many kinds… Basically you use sheet of pastry to fold little tubes or you just put one layer after another as if you are making lasagnya.  You can put in it anything. The traditional banitsa is with cheese and eggs, but some types are with onions or chopped meat or potatoes or apples (almost apple pie)… So… there are at least 4 kinds of tikvenik which my maminka can make but I just love the pure one – simple and that`s all. The others prefer it with syrup.
The other thing… peppers filled with beans. But dried peppers. The taste is impossible to be described! I can eat this a lifetime at least.
The whole idea is to collect at least 11 or 13 or 15… meals. The damper has small fortunes and a coin in it. I hit the „excursion“ today :) This is what will be the main thing for you in the coming year.
In the fireplace should be a special log, called „badnik“. It is supposed to be huge (usually the tree is pear) and to burn down slowly. This shows how fertile the next year will be.
And we all ask for forgiveness. The young ask from the older first, then even the old ones ask for forgiveness. Today everybody should love everybody. We celebrate the birth of Love.
Tomorrow… it will the 25th and my mom has a nameday. The tradition is to eat meat. A lot of meat. Pork steaks, baked turkey or chicken, „sudjuk“ or „lukanka“ (kinds of flat sausage), a cake, a banitsa with cheese… Everyone should be happy, the table should be rich.
The 27th… Stefanovden. The day of Saint Stefan. My nameday. No comment. This is when the whole world is beautiful and happy. This is when I don`t invite guests cause they come uninvited. Sweets, wine, chocolate eggs, gifts…
I will stop now. Please come to my table, join my joy, be happy with me tomorrow as you were today.
And may God bless you and your kids! Please, please smile for me, Claudio! Christmas is here to make all of us better.

Yours Svetlina


4 Коментари on “A table to share, a celebration to share”

  1. Lady Frost каза:


  2. 6efa каза:

    whouls = shows :)

  3. astilar каза:

    You are the happiest child in the world! :)

  4. Svetlina каза:

    Cause | am THE child of the world :)

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