Welcome back, Ben

Hi Ben :)

You said you needed an English/Hebrew/German post in my blog in order to come for my birthday picnic and here we goooooo :) I missed you so much during your 40 days and nights vacation! And there are many things you have to catch up with :)

I started taking tests for my university exam. First try: 23.06 points out of 24. I say it`s pretty good considering that it took me 0 minutes to prepare for it. Next time I`ll read something before the test :) Also… for some period I lost my will to cook (fortunately it came back and I cut down on the sandwiches). I`ve finished a great book and bought the 2nd and 3rd of the trilogy – some day I`ll even start reading them!

I`m in a ‘preparation mood’ (it`s a real word!). I`m buying only small packages so that my kitchen is not too full of rice and lens. The plan is to move out some day… maybe even in June. I`ve decided not to live with Milli (you remember her for sure), actually I`ve decided to live alone. When my roommate says „Now“ or when August comes… I`m out! I need my own place already! You can call me kido but this is because you are old enough to call women kidos :-P

I`m also preparing for all those spring celebrations :) For example on Wednesday I woke up early, went to a sexshop, then to the office, then to the supermarket, then spent 2 hours on the floor painting a greeting card and packing a parcel. Oh man… my friends have too many birthdays!

And of course the birthday of my blog :) It takes digging new recipes, inviting people, killing Milli`s family, making a wishlist (that`s at least 72 hours, believe me), running an investigation on the new places for picnic in the good old parks and last but not least buying a camera and speakers (S. will do the googeling, my boss will do the paying). My blog will go live :-D Finally ;)

And let`s not forget the man of my life :) The baby is turning 2 in May :) I got something for him from my native town, designed one for me and ordered it from a website, then bought something more but told the secret to his mom so now I need to add something on top :) And of course I need to find some hours for a birthday card :)

And on the exact date I wont even be in town – I`m invited to the prom ball of a very special crazy girl. She`ll get some jewelry and I`ll get some new clothes for the event :) Will see when since I`m a real busy girl ;)

I`ve just slept over at Yana`s :) Trust me… brandy black chocolate candies at 3am is waaaay better than a 12 kilo baby at 9am ;) And tomorrow I`m sleeping over at Milli`s (or she thinks I`ll be sleeping). And the day after tomorrow I`m going to turn into a complete woman by homemaking honey :) Or just a sticky freak ;)

I bet I`m missing some stuff. Living without you is possible but yet not perfectly great ;) Pleeeaaaase come to the picnic and tell my all about your SQL vacation :) And bring something from he wish list ;)

Yours sincerely,



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