Some days i want to eat my cell

It`s been 10 days with my new camera during which I`ve been abusing my body. I would go to bed at 12 and I would talk with Claudio 2-3 more hours. The days I didn`t do it… I wasn`t at home ;) It sounds not too bad if we don`t count how early I had to get up these days.

I loved clubbing with the baby at 9am and sending letters at 10 and frying bayganetki (this is how they are spelled in one menu) before work and all the other 1234567 things I`ve been up to in April. But I was not just tired, I was exhausted! The last thing that I needed was my… phone!

Friday. I have the chance to sleep late (if 10am is late). But I don`t get it. It`s my aunt`s birthday and apparently she had a conversation with my grandmother about me. Happy auntie`s day to me! I was called early in the morning to hear:

– You aunt said that you`ve spent too much time in that company and this means that your managers like you and you should be carefull. You`d better quit and found your own company.

Monday… Tuesday… W… T… F…?! The very same auntie that once called the police to throw me out of home! The one that is my example of… a self-ruined life. Unlike her I want a husband and babies. Unlike her I won`t make my 15 year old daughter clean after my drunk guests in her pyjamas at 3am. Unlike her I won`t try to buy friends for my kids. And if my child is in hospital, he/she will want me in the room!

I made sure that everybody in the whole interrupting family will know that mornings are for sleeping! Or I thought so… Of course, I called my mom, complained looking for some understanding, or I thought so…

It`s nice to be called a moron by your mother. How dare I want a family and not a career?! Not to mention the horrible fact that I quit university…

Saturday. Labour day. I`ve cancelled all arrangements so I could sleep. 10 something – my sister calling. 11 something – my mom calling. 13 sharp – me waking up. I have no idea what I`ve told them, and I don`t really care. If you kill my Friday, I have the right to be mad at least til the next Friday!

I know that they have their reasons to like working girls and I can live with this. Different times, different people. In fact if they didn`t like working girls maybe I`d be in the situation of a girl that wants to be a working girl. That`s how the generations cycle goes and that`s how it should be. But please, please have some mercy and don`t call me early in the morning!

I promise, I`ll eat my phone some day!


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