Copied from the coping one

A furry mammal that wears glasses gave me a nice idea (FMTWG for short). Why not google (it`s a real verb!) my name like this: Sunshine needs, and see what I really need.

For the record, it`s Sunshine and not Svetlina, cause aparently Svetlina written in latin is a brand and nothing more. And it`s not in Bulgarian because I`m copying from the coping one, right?

So here goes my FMTWG list of needs…

Sunshine needs:

  1. who needs Sunshine
  2. little Mary Sunshine
  3. to hold back the bills
  4. guitarist
  5. to run away
  6. yellow bed
  7. a little help
  8. love
  9. school for children with special needs
  10. sound

Yes, I do need a  WHO. Especially a WHO-NEEDS-SUNSHINE. I feel a bit disorientated, a bit… not out of place but… in too much place. Like there`s too much emptyness around, like I`m not lonely but… useless, capable of lots of things, and doing lots of nothings.

Which leads you to the answer of 1) why does Sunshine need to go little again and 2) is  Sunshine [meri].

Holding back the bills won`t help me be litlle again and I don`t really believe it`ll make me merry or married. Bills are things that people invented for looking down to other people. They shouldn`t be a big part of my life.

I certainly need a guitarist IF he can „play me through the night till the dawn“ :) Well… excluding the run away part :) I`m too old and too smart for thinking that there`s a way to escape from your world, your life, your-self.

I can`t say I need a bed (yellow or not), I mean, I need it, but I already have one. For sure I could use a bed right now `cause my head is aching like hell but NEED is a word too strong for my attitude to beds.

Okay. I admit it. I need a little help. I need somebody to tell me to go to bed from time to time, somebody to tell me that it`s worth getting out of bed, somebody to do me a little massage. And I sure need somebody to help me find a way to any notary`s office tomorrow.

I have plenty of love to give. It`s funny Google thinks I need more. Maybe… it`s because I`ve been angry too many times this week. Like when I wanted to strangle the elderly moron. AFAIK (my word of the month :)) this is not a reason for a girl to be sent to a school for kids with special needs but is a real reason for learning some lessons. Fortunately I`m doing well with that :)

Sunshine needs sound. I bet the whole world thinks it should be „Sunshine needs to sleep sound“.  One way or another… it may happen :)

Basically Google`s right. Again. I need the above 10. And I need plenty others. But SHE„s also wrong. Because I`m not unhappy not having them. I`m not in any kind of a need. I could just use a merry guitarist in a little yellow bed teaching me love and not holding back my special needs :))))

As the self-called genius from the movie says… whatever works :)


8 Коментари on “Copied from the coping one”

  1. komitata каза:

    But why in English, darling?

  2. teo каза:

    What does „FMTWG“ mean? Also „AFAIK“ and „SHE“, if it’s also an abbreviation…

  3. komitata каза:

    A furry mammal that wears glasses – FMTWG
    As far as I know – AFAIK
    Sunshine – SHE

  4. Svetlina каза:

    Why should I know :) The FMTWG started it :)
    And SHE stands for Google who`s an almighty elderly lady in my opinion :)

  5. teo каза:

    I didn’t started it (the „what do you need according to Gooogle“-Game), Abigale did ( and actually it was being played way further in the past, may be even before we knew about Google :)
    I’m a FMTWG, cool, 10x SHE :D :)

  6. teo каза:

    *SHE for Sunshine because you’re an (almost) almighty, not elderly (but someday…;), lady ;)

  7. Svetlina каза:

    Сега остава само да разгадаем защо коменитраме на английски :)))))

  8. teo каза:

    пост на английски = коментар на английски
    въпрос на български = орговор на български
    pure logic :D :)

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