It`s been a hard week for the Sunshine state. On Monday there was some disturbing stiffness and the vague feeling of  cold coming our way. On Tuesday it was already here – it was white all over, pullovers were taken out of wardrobes, windows were closed, people kept working. Thursday went crazy! It was a hot wave after a cold one after a hot one. The whole state was… shaking. As predicted Friday brought leaks. Lots of them.

Saturday was a bright day for the whole Sunshine state. No flood could distract mankind from a Tea party, Whole orange cake and Desperado. Of course, there were floods.

As for Sunday… well, it`ll be over in 38 minutes. Hopefully. Cause serious tremors started joining the party.

PS: deer misterious and various seeders of  Sunshine state (2002), please seed as I really want to see it :)

PS 2: Dont try to google translate this.


2 Коментари on “:)”

  1. teo каза:

    „PS 2: Dont try to google translate this.“ :D :D :D hilarious
    Get well soon :)

  2. Svetlina каза:

    Ха! Първият човек, който ми разбира хумора!
    Добре де, след маминка :)

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